Martes, Disyembre 6, 2011

Hello Everyone!! want extra income?
if yes will theres a job that you can make as part time job captcha data encoder

what you need to have this part time job

You must have own computer
Internet connection and
PayPal account

Low price, great results

Convert spending into profit by spending less with CaptchaTrader. Get your CAPTCHAs solved with:
  • You can work anytime you like.. the more you stay the more you earn
  • A price of $1 per 1000 correct CAPTCHAs
  • Integration right into your application
  • An average response time of less than 15 seconds
  • An accuracy rate of over 90%
  • Detailed statistics of your recent submissions
  • Take note every 1 captcha is equivalent to 7 to 10 credits, 10,000 credits =1$  
  • Minimum cash out is 1$   

Sounds good? 

How should I earn credits?

Depending on your software, if your CAPTCHAs come up every few minutes, you spend a lot of time waiting. Instead of waiting for a CAPTCHA to come up, you can now solve them all at once, then spend your time elsewhere.

Ready to earn credits?

make sure you sign up for paypal Premier account so no fee if you can receive money
click here for Paypal registration:-)
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

To all interested about this job:

If you register under my accnt. i will send to you this application jCatGUI.jar a very convenient application  for CAPTCHA TRADER.COM to solve captchas fast and easy..:-)
Click this link to register under my accnt.

or enter my user name while registering profiterpix


remember to register under my accnt. and ill send you this JCatGUI.jar application:-)

 you can easily log-in to your captcha trader accnt. instant on your desktop. just double click the jCatGUI.jar icon
enter your username and password  then presto!(see screenshot below.)


No hassle!you can surf in the net even without minding the captcha coz jCatGUI will automatically pop-up if there is a  CAPTCHA need to be solved..

Thank you! for the time you spend reading this blog..:-)
Feel free to register..

Send to my email your accnt. username  for CAPTCHA TRADER.COM for confirmation that you registered under my accnt. and i will send back the Instruction and Application how to download & run the jCatGUI.jar to your PC..thank you!!

My email add:   :-)


Captcha Trader proof o payment via paypal..